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A/R Crème for Applied Relief

The last thing you need when you have an outbreak of acne or other skin blemishes is a product that further irritates the affected area, increasing the redness, causing more pain, and drying out your skin. Sometimes the treatment can be the reason for scarring more than the irritation itself.

It is probably important to you to know what you are putting on your skin. It is important to use products that are natural and effective in treating the symptoms that you have. It is frustrating enough to have to suffer from certain skin conditions, but more frustrating to have limited relief from product after product without understanding why.

The anatomy of a blemish is larger than what we see on the surface, which can make even a good product seem like it isn’t working. Because there is an infection of sorts that is deeper than the outer surface of our skin, the damage does not disappear with a product like an eraser to a punctuation error on the chalkboard. Often it will seem if things are getting worse before they get better as the infection works its way out.

The deep skin-penetrating effect of emu oil is one of the reasons that our A/R Crème is so effective, because the issue of the skin condition goes beyond topical. Our A/R Crème contains 100% natural ingredients, the primary one being Sulfur, a proven acne medication. It is highly concentrated which means that a very small amount is needed to achieve the desired result. Overuse of the product can actually complicate the healing process by drying out the skin. It can be used for treatment as well as a preventive measure against further breakouts.

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