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Announcing the Emu Oil Gift Pack

Are you looking for the perfect way to give emu oil a try, or do you need a perfect gift to show someone else just why you love our products at 4 D Acres?

We are offering a special gift pack for a limited time that includes a 2 oz bottle of hand and body lotion, scented or unscented, a lip balm (available in a variety of flavors), and a .25 oz Roll On Emu Oil.

Our hand and body lotions moisturize and soften the skin, while penetrating deeply to remedy dry and chapped skin. Only a small amount is needed. They are available in both lightly scented and unscented.

Our lip balms contain all natural ingredients in addition to emu oil, like Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to treat your lips to a protective and moisturize your lips. They are available in flavorless, or in French Vanilla, Peppermint, Strawberry or Coconut.

The Roll On Emu Oil is one of our newest additions to our product line - a quarter ounce of pure emu oil in a handy roll on applicator. It is a perfect way to apply just the right amount of emu oil quickly to dry lips, a bruise, or a burn and is a handy way to carry emu oil with you in your pocket or purse.

The items in the gift pack would cost you $13.25 if purchased separately, but is now available for a limited time for only $12.00. Save over 10% AND get FREE SHIPPING (within the United States). We’ll even ship directly to the recipient of your choice and enclose a gift tag and mail you the receipt. Your friends and family will love it.

To order your gift pack and select your scent and flavor options, click here: GIFT PACK


Emu Oil Popular in Cosmetic Applications

Consumers are becoming super savvy when it comes to their cosmetic use. They want to know that their products are safe, effective and not full of fillers. More and more cosmetics products are being made with all-natural products, including emu oil.

A double blind study done by Dr. Alexander Zemstov from the Indiana University School of Medicine in 1994 and presented at the AEA national convention in Nashville, Tennessee found emu oil to be more cosmetically acceptable than mineral oil, showing better moisturizing properties, superior texture, and lower incidence of comedogenicity (pore clogging tendencies).

The study stated that “the most intriguing properties of emu oil as far as cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries are concerned is its apparent ability to penetrate the stratum corneum barrier.” This means that in addition to its moisturizing properties, emu oil is beneficial in cosmetic applications as a transporter of other therapeutic substances into the skin.

According to an article in People Magazine, popular Aussie actress Cate Blanchett keeps emu oil in her bag of beauty secrets. She is not a fan of plastic surgery and is very picky about her product use. At fashionista.com she was also quoted on her use of emu oil because of its highly moisturizing properties.

I use essential oil, like emu oil. [Ed. Note: She had to repeat this one for us a few times. Yes, that's emu. Like the bird.] In indigenous Australian culture, that’s the first oil they put on a baby because it’s so hydrating. If you’ve got sunburn or you’ve got a scar or something it’s incredible…. Cate Blanchett [Ed. Note is by fashionista.com]
Popular products containing emu oil are massage oils, facial and body lotions, hair shampoos and conditioners, hand soaps and body washes.
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