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4 D Acres has had the pleasure of doing business with influenSPHERE. influenSPHERE was formed when Michele Jennae of Sacramento, CA decided to take her business and networking expertise and begin a coaching service designed to help people make deeper connections within their sphere of influence.

The name was born by combining influence with sphere, with strategic mention of the word influence first. Through her coaching, seminars, and speaking engagements, Michele conveys the idea that while everyone has a sphere of influence, they often fail to capitalize on the areas and people where they potentially have the most influence. She specializes in helping build powerful relationships with COI’s (Centers of Influence) within a network with simple, proven, but often underutilized methods.

Michele’s purpose with influenSPHERE is to help you live the life that becomes the story you’d like to leave behind, because she believes that the way you live your life becomes your story. With a particular focus on artists, Michele helps people discover what their vision is for their life, strategizing and setting goals that will help them achieve more of that they really want. Michele has a profound sense of empathy for the brave souls that are pursuing their dreams, especially the dreams that fly in the face of the traditional career path. She believes that living the life you were meant to live is the best way to influence the world, both directly and indirectly. She provides writing, coaching, and speaking services to encourage artists to share their stories!

Her professional career has included sales and marketing, recruiting, and management, all of which would ultimately help her as she began influenSPHERE. While many artists feel as if they just want to practice their art, but still hope to make money from it, Michele’s task is to help them understand that they are indeed a “business,” and while not wholly traditional, they do need to understand branding, target market, marketing strategy, social media, etc. Her tagline is now “Dedicated to the Art of Business, and the Business of the Arts.”

As an artist herself (singing, acting, and fine arts), she has a deeper understanding of the creative aversion to business as usual, and hopes to be able to help bridge the gap.

For more information, visit www.influenSPHERE.com    

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