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Emu Oil for Muscle Pain

According to WiseGeek.com (clear answers for common questions), muscle inflammation “is a condition characterized by swelling, stiffness, non-specific pain, and muscle soreness or weakness.” This may be caused by a variety of factors, including auto-immune diseases. “In the absence of an autoimmune disease, most cases of simple muscle inflammation can be attributed to overexertion while exercising or participating in recreational sports.”


Regardless of the cause, the stiffness and pain resulting from the inflammation is often debilitating, if not limiting to the daily activities of living. While various remedies are offered, including ice and heat, a topical application of a muscle rub is often helpful. In fact, many rubs offer the hot and cold sensations to provide a numbing cool sensation, as well as increased blood circulation from the heat.

Emu oil is now added to many topical muscle creams due to its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its transdermal properties. It has the ability to penetrate the skin and go deep into the muscles, while serving as a healing agent, AND as a carrier for other healing components of the muscle rub.

Emu oil alone is incredibly effective as well. In fact in an experiment by researchers at UMass Lowell, “fish oil reduced the thickness caused by inflammation in mice by 55 percent; emu oil by 70 percent.” While they are cautious to note that experiments in mice might have different results than in humans, but they are encouraged by the results.


Uses of Emu Oil


100% Pure Emu Oil






4 D ACRES 100% Pure Refined Emu Oil is refined in a FDA/USDA inspected food grade refinery making our oil safe for anywhere on your body.



4 D Acres


100% Pure Refined Emu Oil


Has Been Used For:



Burns, Insect Bites, Bruises, Abrasions, Cuts, Diaper Rash, Dry Flaky Skin, Itching, Sore Muscles, Sore Joints, Massage Therapy, Natural Moisturizer, Scrapes, Wrinkles, Sexual Lubricant, Hemorrhoids, And More…….


Researchers and medical specialists have recognized the benefits of emu oil and are adapting it into their treatments for a wide variety of maladies.



  • Emu oil lowers LDL (bad) Cholesterol while raising HDL (good) Cholesterol.

  • Emu oil contains anti-inflammatory properties reducing swelling which in turn, manages your pain.

  • A small amount of emu oil goes a long way - just a drop is all you need for most applications.



4 D ACRES 100% Pure Refined Emu Oil is an all natural, odorless, deep penetrating, highly moisturizing, nutritional supplement for your skin.


It contains Omega 3, 6, and 9 that are essential fatty acids which your body can not produce yet are needed for good, healthy skin.



Emu oil is a natural emollient that thickens the skin thus reducing the appearance of aging. 


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