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4 D Acres Announces the 12 Days of Christmas

Normally, we offer one product special each month for the entire month, but for December we wanted to offer you the opportunity to take advantages of a multitude of specials. So we are offering 12 different products, offered at a great price for one day only. AND that includes FREE SHIPPING!*      

Dec. 10 – 4 oz Psori Care ll

Dec. 11 – 2 oz Super Rich Moisturizer

Dec. 12 – 2 oz A/R Crème

Dec. 13 – 8 oz Hand & Body Lotion – both lightly scented and unscented

Dec. 14 – 4 oz Emu Oil

Dec. 15 – 3.5 oz Muscle Joint Plus  

Dec. 17 – 4 oz Facial Cream

Dec. 18 – 2 oz White Satin

Dec. 19 – .5 oz Derma 50

Dec. 20 – 1 oz Golden Magic

Dec. 21 – Emu Oil Gel Caps Dietary Supplement

Dec. 22 – Clear Emu Oil  

To take advantage of the special, your order must be placed via phone or online on the day of the special. Additional products placed on the order will also be shipped for free*, but only the product indicated on that particular day will receive a discount.

To find out just how much you can save, click on the above product(s) of choice on their assigned days. Order from there or call us at 1 877 837 4119.  

*Only includes emu oil products, excludes meat, bones, crafts, eggs.

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