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It’s Grillin’ Time

Summertime means cooking outdoors to keep the house cool. For your next meal, try slow-grilling a free range broiler chicken from 4 D Acres. Our birds come ready for cooking. They are not injected with water or other filler liquids, and you’ll find them to be very flavorful. There is not a lot of fat on the birds either.

To slow grill a whole chicken, thaw in the refrigerator, then rinse inside and out. Lightly salt the inside of the bird cavity with coarse sea salt as well as the outside. Add pepper if desired. Leave the skin on as it will help retain the bird’s moisture as it cooks. Place on the top rack of your gas grill over low heat and let cook for about 1 ½ to 2 hours. Check periodically after one hour of cooking time. This low and slow cooking will give you a tender, juicy, and flavorful main dish for your next meal. You will see the skin begin to pull away from the bone as it approaches doneness.

The USDA cooking recommendation is to cook chicken to 165°F using a digital food thermometer and is best measured at the thickest part of the inner thigh. Our free range broiler chickens are also great fried or broiled. They are available for shipping to your residence or for pick up at 4 D Acres.

Email info@4Dacres.com for more information. Do you have a favorite chicken recipe? We would love to hear from you about it!

Talking Chickens at 4 D Acres

Up to three times a year we will order chickens to raise here on the farm and offer as free range broiler chickens. Mike calls the Stover Hatchery in Stover, Missouri with a month anticipation to order 200 birds at a time. Immediately upon placing that order, he calls the processing plant to schedule processing, as the timing is key to get the optimum size and weight from the bird.

The day old chicks are delivered First Class U.S. Mail (as are all baby birds in the United States), in two aerated cardboard boxes, taped together, one on top of the other. About 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. we receive a phone call here at the farm from the local post office that the birds are ready for pick up. We try to get them right away as there is no way to keep 200 baby chicks from peeping in the post office.

The “Chicken Suite” has already been prepared for their arrival – prepped with heat lamps and their pine chip bedding laid and warmed. Water and unmedicated meat bird feed is also placed for easy access. The feed is a special mash for meat birds. Our chickens are not egg layers.

After 2 ½ weeks the birds have started feathering and are allowed to free range in the yard, feeding on bugs and grasses in addition to their standard feed. Their water is now outside which gets them out into the fresh air. They are locked up at night to protect them from predators.

Between 42 to 45 days, they are sent to ANCO Poultry Processing, a local family owned company in the next county to the southwest of Louisburg. After they are processed, they are shrink wrapped and flash frozen and we then store them in freezers here at 4 D Acres. Delicious fried, smoked and barbecued, they are low in fat content, and not injected with water or liquid flavors or fillers. Pampered Chef has a great video on how to cut up a chicken.

Delicious fried, smoked and barbecued, they are low in fat content, and not injected with water or liquid flavors or fillers. Pampered Chef has a great YouTube video on how to cut up a chicken.

The chickens are available for local delivery or pick up at the farm. We have shipped them before as well. For more information email us at info@4dacres.com.  

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