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Emu Oil’s Quick Delivery

I’m not talking about product delivery with Priority or Express Mail. I’m not talking about the fact that the emu bird can easily run 35 to 40 miles per hour.  I am talking about the transdermal qualities of the emu oil.

Transdermal is a term that is used throughout my website, catalog, brochures and blog, and I thought it might be a good idea to explain just what that means to you as a consumer. Transdermal means that it quickly penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin instead of remaining strictly on the surface. The highly transdermal properties of emu oil contribute to the quick delivery of healing components.

According to an article by Dr. Frank Orthoefer, called “Looking Into Emu Oil”, the beneficial biological properties of emu oil were substantiated by the research of noted scientist and investigator, Dr. Robert Nicolosi of the University of Massachusetts. Emu oil was found to have significant  cholesterol lowering, anti-inflammatory and transdermal characteristics. These findings were pivotal because until then, the qualities of emu oil were based largely on testimonials and anecdotal evidence and not cold hard scientific facts.

Our skin consists of 3 primary layers, the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Both the epidermis and dermis have several layers themselves which provide different functions. One of the primary functions of the epidermis is to protect your body from bacteria and infection. For this reason, it does not easily absorb just any liquid. Think about when you wash your hands. Your hands are not absorbing water while you wash.

For this reason, many lotions on the market today are more topical, meaning they remain in the outermost layers of the skin. Lotions and otherremedies containing emu oil penetrate deeper into your skin to provide longer lasting moisture and healing. Emu oil alone is a fantastic remedy for cuts and burns because of its anti-inflammatory and transdermal properties.

One of the most amazing findings in recent years has been the treatment of non-healing wounds such as bed sores, burns, and diabetes related ulcers, among others. Because of the transdermal properties of the emu oil, it can be added to other applications to deliver vitamins, anti-oxidants and antibiotics to the wound, while reducing inflammation.  According to an EMAILWIRE.COM article from July of 2008, Dr. Robert Winston is excited about how emu oil has changed treatment options for his patients, saying, “using a transdermal delivery system allows antibiotic dosage 40 to 60 times greater than achieved by IV administration, without the danger of liver or kidney damage.” He is a Board Certified Practitioner of Internal Medicine and has practiced medicine for over 25 years.

For more information on emu oil products and their beneficial properties visit the 4 D Acres Emu Oil and Emu Factswebsites.

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