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For Ultra Pain Relief

Let’s face it, when you’re in pain, you want to know you can find a way to ease your suffering. Chronic pain is the root of many lost hours of professional productivity and personal pleasure. At 4 D Acres we want to assist you with your pain relief needs. ULTRA™ Emu Oil has been found to be 45% more effective for pain when compared with regular emu oil. One of our customers who has fibromyalgia said that while she finds relief with regular emu oil, the difference in pain reduction is astounding when she uses ULTRA™ Emu Oil.

4 D ACRES Muscle-Joint Plus is a special formulation of 20% ULTRA™ Emu Oil for increased reduction in tissue inflammation. While other brands only use regular emu oil, you can rest assured that the pain relief power in our Muscle-Joint Plus will calm your aches and pains because of the ULTRA™ Emu Oil it contains.

I just picked up the (Ultra) Emu Oil from the post office today. It's a good thing as I was attacked by a very scared cat. I was scratched, bruised and have some pretty deep punctures on my arms. (The cat's OK just scared by some noise outside.) It was 45 minutes after I was scratched and my arms were inflamed and burning when I finally opened my mail and put the (Ultra) emu oil on my arms. Instant relief! While the spots are still sensitive there is no more burning and the swelling has gone down. Now I was ready to use it for the reason I ordered it...I put some on my back where I suffer from daily inflammation due to an old injury. Four hours later and I have only felt a little bit of discomfort in my lower back. Now I am looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep without the pain. I'm looking forward to continued use... - C.M. Van Nuys, CA

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Pain Relief

Just hearing those first four words brings the popular children’s  jingle to my mind and makes me want to move, touching my hands to my head, then onto my shoulders, bending to the knees and all the way to my toes.

Sometimes that is easier said than done. If those same muscles and joints that allow us to move are suffering from pain and inflammation, we might only be able to sing along. Naturally, we want to have relief from our aches and pains, but the challenge is determining what remedy will work for us, while preferably being natural and having a minimum or absolutely no unfavorable side effects.

Consider 4 D Acres Muscle-Joint Plus. This powerful cream is highly effective, odorless, and deep penetrating, but without the potentially bothersome heat effect in so many topical muscle creams.

Muscle-Joint Plus is different from other types of remedies on the market because it starts with 20% Ultra™ Emu Oil. Emu oil has transdermal properties, which means that it penetrates quickly into the deepest layers of your skin, serving as a transport method for other topical remedies. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and when combined with the naturally therapeutic benefits of Glucosamine Sulfate, Pregnenelone, MSM (Menthyl Sulfonyl Methane) and Natural Vitamin E, it makes Muscle-Joint Plus a powerhouse aid for your muscle and joint pain.

When using the highly concentrated and fast penetrating Muscle-Joint Plus, only a small amount is needed and relief can be felt in as little as 10 minutes.

You’ll soon be touching your toes and dancing a jig, or at the very least going about your daily activities with less pain, reduced inflammation and more freedom of movement.

Do you prefer a topical pain cream with or without heat effects?

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