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Dry Again and Beautiful!

Sacre Bleu! Another beautiful dry day! Incredible!


Well hello again. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Ho ho ho. Support your local goats.

Artisan Cheese

Exciting news: this Sunday Northwest author Tami Parr will attend the tiny - but so charming - Key Peninsula Farmers Market, where she will meet, greet, and sign copies of her indispensable new guidebook to the ever-expanding world of Northwest Artisan Cheese. 

 "Artisan Cheese of the Pacific Northwest," published this spring, is a must have for any serious cheese-o-phile. And you tell me, really, is there any such things as an unserious cheese-o-phile?

 This Sunday, 12-4, in the O'Callahan's Parking Lot in Key Center on the Key Peninsula.



It is an endlessly gray day, gray in that uniquely Northwest way, a forever and ever gloomy kind of gray. But looking around the barnyard we see many thankful faces. Goats, mostly, thankful that they are not turkeys.

Since it is a slow time of year, with most of the girls dried or drying off, several of the goats are using their free time to mount a campaign to return goats to the White House with the new First Family.

As First Pets, not in any cabinet positions. That will come later.

Read more about it at Baby Belle's Blog at goatcentral.blogspot.com. 



Here Comes the Rain Again

Here comes the rain again, pushing us officially into our winter season. Over the winter we will experiment with various recipes, primarily our tommes and a new tallegio. In the spring we resume making our soft cheeses - chevre, rounds, a valencay style pyramid. We are also (just for fun) making some confections.

Did you know that in the winter, while production drops dramatically for dairy animals, our solids (butterfat etc) go through the roof? One of our yearling milkers, for example, has gone from producing milk with a butterfat percentage of 3.5-4.5% to 7.6%. You go, little girl.

On top of that she has an excellent personality and was the reserve state champion at this year's Puyallup State Fair.


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