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This week's vegetables:

Broccoli-  the broccoli is called Tendergreen and is the earliest variety we've grown.  The drawback is the small size of the heads and the looseness of the flower buds.  I still like Tendergreen because I don't have to wait another month or more for broccoli, so I'll forgive it's flaws.

Sugar snap peas-  Our first real crop of peas came in this week.  There will be lots more to come.  Make sure to remove the string on the concave side of the pea.  We eat these up raw, and they are great in stir fries.

Head lettuce- nice big leaves good for making ceasar salad or using as a wrap for sandwiches

Mizuna- a kind of Japanese mustard.  Mild in flavor and good raw or cooked.  Goes well with other Asian ingredients, but can be used in place of  kale or other cooking greens.

Arugula- the usual stuff!

And now  a warm welcome to our two wonderful interns Johanna and Mike!  They will be staying for a month and we love them already- Thanks for all the help.

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