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oh, I just remembered...

I completely forgot to mention that our last two wonderful interns have moved on to their next adventure ( bye, Mike and Johanna- we'll miss you! ) but now we have another two wonderful interns to replace them.  Welcome Monica and Tau from Ft. Lauderdale, FL!  These guys are just amazing - they are on a cross country volunteering roadtrip and we are blessed to have them with us.  Check out Monica's blog to get her story on how this trip came about and to read about the experiences she's had before arriving on our farm. Truly inspiring.

did I move to Florida?

This week's CSA contains:

sugar snap & oregon giant snow peas

Thumbelina carrots- yes, they are supposed to look like little round things.  I have never eaten a sweeter carrot than these.  I just wish they would come in a larger package.  Great for snacking, roasting, and juggling.

Rainbow Swiss chard- it just gets bigger and bigger.  Stir fry, steam, soups etc.

Kale- not a lot, but we didn't want to overwhelm you with greens.  Lightly cook kale to keep it mild and not too sulphur-y

arugula- we've got more than enough of this, but the latest crop is starting to go to seed, so maybe it will be taking a break for a month or so.

broccoli- just about the end of the early broccoli.  We expect the late stuff to be ready by the end of August.  Maybe we'll have cauliflower inbetween.

mixed sweet peppers- the yellow ones are called Baby Cheese peppers, green ones are early wonder, purple ones are Czech black NOTE: the black ones were sold as hot, but all of the ones I have eaten are not hot at all.  Even my kids eat them and they don't eat spicy food at all.  Let me know if any you get are hot.

beet greens- a good old-fashioned vermont favorite.  Steam these and serve with vinegar, salt and pepper.  They are sweet, earthy and nutty.

Enjoy the sun while it lasts!



 serve with vinegar

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