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lovely day

Another beautiful day and plenty of rain are really helping all the vegetables along.  We are shaping up to have a good crop of winter squash and the green beans are starting to go crazy- be prepared.

This week's CSA includes:

broccoli, salad mix, basil, plus:

thumbelina carrots- they are slightly larger this week, but still in the "mini carrot" category.  The super-long 'sugar snax' and gigantic 'danvers' and 'nantes' varieties are going to be ready in a few weeks.

baby fingerling potatoes- a mixture of 'yellow banana' and 'peruvian purple' with a few 'la ratte' These are great roasted at 450 with some olive oil and herbs for about 20 minutes or you could steam them and serve with plenty of butter.  They definitely do not need peeling, but please store them in the fridge.  New potatoes are tender and have not been cured for storage like those harvested in the fall.  Room temperature tends to make them rot or attract pesky fruit flies.

green beans- the first of many.  Only a light cooking is necessary to make these completely delicious.

edible pod peas- the last of the peas, no more until next year!  The powdery mildew was beginning to set in and most of the plants have finished producing, so we have already taken down the pea fences and put the chickens on the field to clean up.  Spots on  peas are harmless!  

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