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pigs love eggs

well, up here in frozen tourist country we are eagerly awaiting the return of "the summer people" as the locals like to call our seasonal residents.  I for one can't wait another minute, since they are my best customers especially when it comes to buying eggs.  A recent indoor farmers' market was utterly disappointing due to the fact that anybody still left in town only eats those watery, pale, tasteless excuses for eggs found in walmart-type stores.

Right now I have at least 50 dozen eggs stashed in the fridge and another several dozen waiting to get in.  The stores can't take any more eggs and the chickens just keep on laying.  This seems to happen every April.  But this year I have devised a plan for disposing of excessive eggs.  Pigs.  It isn't entirely foolproof, but our three pigs are eating about 6 dozen a day and there may be an end in sight.  Oh, it may not be the most efficient way of using energy, but at least somebody is eating those eggs.  I've also convinced my favorite store to take a bunch of eggs on consignment just to have them out of the house.  I might be able to actually put some groceries in my fridge soon!

And thank you Carol, for the glowing review!

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