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july 15- sun!!!!

Well, I think I skipped last week, but here we go with the contents of this week's CSA bag:

Mixed edible pod peas- both sugarsnap and snow peas


baby leeks- use the white part and light green parts as long as they seem tender.  The very tops make good soup stock, or snip very finely like chives if they don't feel too tough.

mizuna- stir fry green, is also good raw in salads and sandwiches

rainbow chard- cook the stems slightly longer than the greens for the best results

early baby broccoli side shoots- small and tender- delicious raw.  The big heads will be ready in a month or more!

mixed peppers- the purple/black ones are Czech black hot peppers, so be careful! The long green ones are Jimmy Nardello's frying peppers, not really hot at all, and the rounder green ones are thinnings from Peacework red  peppers, which are sweet.  Hopefully the peppers removed today will allow the plants to increase their overall yields later in the season.


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