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sugaring season = mud season

We are celebrating mud season by staying up late into the night boiling maple syrup.  This is our second year with our hobby size sugaring operation and it is getting bigger and sweeter this year.  For every gallon of syrup it is said to take 40 gallons of sap- that means when I spilled a few quarts on the floor last night it was a bathtub's worth of sap lost to my slippers, the dog's bed and the pile of laundry I used to mop it up.

My two year old came along in the middle of the spectacle to lay on the floor and suck syrup off all the surfaces.  Needless to say a bath was in order.

Last night might have been the end of our  sugaring season if the weather keeps on with all this rain and gloominess. It was fun and sticky and the smell of boiling sap was heavenly, but I have to say I won't mind packing up my hygrometer for the year.  We slog through the foot deep mud, tend the fire and stay up all night for 30 gallons of sweet, thick, deep golden nectar.  I am feeling a tad hyperglycemic.

In other news, the spinach is is along with some arugula, mustard, bok choi and lettuce.  Got to get those onions planted- all the thousands of them.

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