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The lavender harvest has started and we are up to our eyeballs in lavender. The house, the car, the storage shed, all smell intensely. When we stop by the store, people smile and say: good harvest, eh? It's the best yet - purple, beautiful, fragrant, long lasting.

Don't hesitate - order your fresh bundles of our lavender now! The harvest only lasts two to three weeks, so indulge yourself and enjoy our beautiful bouquets. They will keep fresh in clean water for up to 2 weeks, or dry them for your own everlasting bouquet.


The Doe Comes Again

The doe with the triplets turned out to be two does, one with twins, one with a single fawn. They seem to swap babysitting duties and generally graze together. The fawns are getting bigger, and more frolicky. It's a joy to watch them running through the tall grass, with barely their ears sticking out. Their rusty coats contrast with the budding lavender. The does are very careful crossing the road and browbeat the fawns into waiting for the signal to cross. We have to be very careful driving around the neighborhood this time of the year because of the many new fawns.

Fortunately the days are very long now, still dusky after 10 pm and light again around 4 am, so the deer have more chance on the roads.

People around here learned to plant landscaping perennials which deer don't eat, like lavender, artemisia, mint, dusty miller, iris, peonies, sea holly, and others. The deer still come in and chew the leaves off the trees skirting them up to the same height, making them look extremely well groomed. The vegetable garden has an 8 ft fence with some flashing tape and CDs on strings to scare them, but it's worth it to see the does and the fawns year round, up close around the house and in the fields.

 We start harvesting lavender in about a week and the does will move off during that time. Don't miss your chance to receive a fresh bouquet of lavender from Blue Moon Lavender Farm in Sequim, Washington.


Sunny Day on the Lavender Farm

A brilliantly sunny day in Sequim today. The bees are very busy - we love the lavender honey they produce and the hives have mostly revived after a tough winter for the bees.

The dark purple, english lavenders are starting to show their color and we are busy cleaning out the drying shed in anticipation of the harvest. Yet again we find no sign of mice - the lavender smell keeps them away, as it does insects.

 We will have some fresh bouquets for sale as soon as the end of this week, so make sure to visit our store, Blue Moon Lavender, and get your tussie mussie of the purple flowers.


Fresh Lavender Coming Soon

Our lavender fields at Blue Moon Lavender Farm are starting to show the green buds of flower stalks. It looks like in 3 to 4 weeks we will have another spectacular lavender harvest. This year's rains have provided plenty of water to our fields, and the warming weather has made the place really green. We will start harvesting and shipping fresh lavender bundles in about three weeks. And if you're in our area (Sequim, WA), don't miss the annual Lavender Festival, held July 16, 17, and 18. 


Fresh lavender harvest - a great experience. The heady smell, the flowers tacky from the essential oils, the shed full of hanging bundles - yes, summer is here at the Blue Moon Lavender Farm.   [Read More]

Lavender in Bloom - Lemonade with a Twist

Do you grow lavender? is it blooming now? then it's probably the English (culinary) lavender. To use lavender in cooking, simply strip the fresh or dried buds from the stem, and grind in a mortar or chop with a sharp knife.  [Read More]

Honey, When's Dinner? or "0.5 Hour Dinner #1"

Cinnamon Chicken

Go ahead, be brave! when you need to speed up the reality, reach for this recipe, which may seem exotic, but is so easy that it doesn't even register on the difficulty scale. I mean, less than 0 difficult. How is that for a dinner from scratch that can be on the table in half an hour from the time you enter your kitchen? And everyone loves it. Here's what you'll need to have in your fridge or pantry to make this dish for 2-3 people (OK, 2 people and one lunch, depending on the size of the chicken breasts):

  • 1 cup dry white rice + 1.5 cup water/rice cooker
  • 1 head of washed lettuce/salad bowl
  • for vinaigrette: 2T balsamic vinegar, 2 T olive oil, 1 t salt, 1 t pepper
  • 2 pieces of chicken breast meat
  • 2 T butter + 2 T olive oil
  • 1 T honey, 1 t salt, 1 t cinnamon, 1 t black pepper, cayenne to taste


  • Start the rice
  • Combine the vinaigrette ingredients, and shake before pouring over the lettuce
  •  Slice the chicken meat into thick strips
  • Heat butter and oil in a skillet, add the meat and brown on medium heat until evenly cooked through
  • Remove the meat to a warm plate, add the salt, pepper, cinnamon and honey, and cayenne to taste if you like spicy dishes
  • combine and bring to sizzle, about 30 seconds, add the meat, stir until coated, remove from heat
  • serve immediately on cooked rice
  • serve the salad

Reprinted with permission from Magdalena Bassett's Recipe Collection

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