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Deer Season - don't forget to wear ORANGE!

Well, this morning is the start of Illinois'  early season shotgun hunting for deer.  I walked outside to feed the animals and heard quite a few distant gunshots.  The morning was cool and foggy, but the deer must have been moving. 

We still have quite a few stands of corn in the fields around us, and I know a lot of deer will be hiding out in the fields rather than in the woods today.  I'm not sure if the family will have any luck today or not, but we shall see.

We have cousins, uncles, and other family that get together for deer camp and hunt in the family woods.  Then we all gather for lunch at Grandma's before the guys head back out for the afternoon. 

On Sunday of each season we take all the kids out to the woods and let them try to spot deer early in the morning before we head back into Grandma's for breakfast.  After breakfast we all head to church en mass.  It makes for a lot of family bonding time and great memories that last a lifetime.  The only problem is that having over a dozen kids (ages 12 and under) "creeping" through the woods no one ever sees any deer!  LOL  Which is why they pick the last day of deer season to let the kids go out and watch for deer.  The hunters in the family have all either gotten their deer for the year, or have given up til the 2nd season ;-)



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