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Growing Smiles and Food for the Soul

Cooler weather Cooler crops

Hello, this is something new to me.  A Blog!  Wow, how cool can that be!   Speaking of cool.  That's what is coming down the pike at us--cool weather--hopefully not all that cold.  I don't do Cold.
Somehow we haven't adjusted or found any cutflowers for the fall and winter season, so I've planted cilantro, kales, spinach and different lettuces.  I'm planning on having a succession of small fresh greens every couple of weeks.  A lot depends on the weather there again, as to how fast things grow.  
And for the really health food lovers, we are growing flats of wheatgrass to juice and sunflower sprouts for snacking.  The plan is to expand on the sprouts, only time will tell. 
Give us a shout or a note back if there is anything you would like us to try to grow for you.  We are open for suggestions.  
That's all for now.  

Growing Smiles and Food for the Soul,

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