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Here a Chick there a chick

The baby chicks are growing so fast, they have complete run of the greenhouse and I have had to hang the planters way high.  I hope to get them moved to the old hen house this weekend.  The herbs are   growing well and the tomatoes are over a foot high.  I have put in a few new flats and they are starting to emerge..  Farmer's Market starts in a week, and I hope to have some plants ready.  The shelves in the soap studio are starting to get filled again.  There was such a rush there for a few weeks that my supply was dwindling. The devil goats are going to the sale, or as my son in law calls them the "Ninja" goats, they got out and ate off the strawberries and and broke some limbs on the pear tree.  Easter was very quite around the place and the normal cool weather has returned.  There is call for some good rains the next two  days which will keep the wheat farmers happy.


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