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Hot Hot Summer

It has been so hot here the garden has stopped doing what a garden is suppose to do.  There are no tomatoes coming on, the pepper plants have a few flowers but have decided not to produce any peppers.. the okra is only about a foot tall and there only a few squash(who ever heard of only a few squash)..  The rabbits are nice and fat since they ate off all the beans.  I have dried up the does, it has been way too hot and they were way down on their milk.  I have plenty frozen to make soap this fall and be ready for the Christmas rush..  The chicks from this spring are really big and  so spoiled.  They are at the deck gate every morning waiting for me to toss out some corn, then they spend the day under the bushes trying to stay cool.. I hope they don't forget that they should be thinking about starting to lay.  I will be redoing the hen house this fall as they have been in the greenhouse, at least in the evening.   
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