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Summer in March???

This is not Kansas????  The temp yesterday was in the 80's, today it is suppose to be upper 70's,(but the wind is really blowing ) what happened to our Spring??  But it sure beats the snow we could be having.  I have the greenhouse all cleaned and the older hens and mama hen and her 13 babies all booted out and moved into the old hen house, they are not real happy but I had to make room for this years chicks, there are 40 of the little darlings enjoying the warmth and space of the greenhouse, and I can now get some seeds planted knowing that the big girls won't be in there scratching around in them.  I burned off a ton of weeds and trash last night,and got the mower running, I'm sure the grass will need to be mowed soon.  The potatoes are planted in the bags and I thought about turning the garden and raised beds yesterday but it is still way to wet.  I have been making the cutest crochet Easter Baskets, some look like bunnies and some are just baskets.  The grandkids should enjoy them. I need to make some soap and get the studio cleaned up,  I have picked up a couple more wholesale customers for my soap.  Looking forward to Farmer's Market opening..  And so the busy  season begins...


Have a blessed day,

Health and Happiness



Spring??? in Kansas

Here it is the middle of Feb. and we are having weather like March..  So far no real snowfall, and very little rain.  The critters are doing well, We are sending a couple of the horses to Kansas City to be used by a Youth Ministery, they will be used for trouble youth to find the peace you get when working with animals.  New baby chicks should be in this week.  I have started a few plants but nothing in the greenhouse yet, I still haven't kicked the chickens out.. They really like the warmth they get sitting in there.  The Iola Farmer's Market will open the middle  of April, and go thru October.  It is open from 5:30 -7:30 every Thursday evening.  I will have soaps, fiber and yarn..  There will be times there are fresh eggs and produce from the garden. 

Health and Happiness to all



Goat milk soap studio goes up

New studio being built.

The Caprine Corner studio is on its way up.  The new building is coming along.  It is taking longer than I would like to see but it is underway.  I hope to have it open by September.  I make my first order of yarns today, and new oils and EO are on the way to get some new soaps made.  Check back and I will keep you informed as to how the shop is progressing. 

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