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Corn Pudding and other Dilemmas

'Tis the day after Christmas; a day I am spending reflecting and planning. Family arrived yesterday, and we ate a meal of plenty followed by conversation and laughter. When they left, I felt content as I sat by the fire and opened up days worth of e-mail and taking the time to watch (again) the documentary Genetic Roulette.

Though I love corn, my resolve to not make corn pudding for Christmas dinner was validated. Genetically modified corn makes up 88 percent of the crop grown in the United States today, though Europe has banned all GMO products. Knowing the dangers of such DNA-disruptive food, I would have had to pass the corn with the disclaimer: toxicity, allergenicity, antibiotic resistance, immune-suppression and cancer.  

 Our food industry, ruled by unethical corporations, has been so polluted that we can no longer trust the products they sell. Their henchmen have turned out to be the government (politicians) and educational institutions--the very ones who should have been watching to make sure our food is safe and broadcasting the dangers of genetically-engineered, DNA-altered foods.

Today, I am planning my GMO-free garden of healthy foods that have wellness-wow. For the seeds I have not saved, I will turn to sources I can trust to provide organic or heirloom seeds or starts. Please join me in keeping family food safe.

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