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Ah, it's that time, again...

Well, yes. It is that time again. A new year, cold weather, drought summer. Same old, same old. But,...the greenhouse is going up. Gonna make it longer this year. The smaller one, that is. The big one goes up when it's warmer.

Plan on making one of those chicken mobiles. Got an old trailer.Thing's a bit bent up from hauling logs, but looks sturdy enough. 

I guess, am gonna offer a CSA again, this year. Decided to go two ways with it. a regular 10 week harvest season; will start in May, and run thru the summer into July.  Folks'll get their boxes prepacked, but will still have some say in what does or does NOT go into it. Why waste good food. I'll keep the "exotic" stuff for my own table.

The second way, is going the pay-as-you-go route. Potential members pay an upfront nonrefundable $50 fee and then whenever they do choose to come by, pay $30 for a share box. This way, if they need to be somewheres else [vacation?] they don't lose a share. Can come for as many/few pick ups as they want. Not locked in to full 10 weeks. 

Am cutting down to two farmers' markets this year. One in Greensboro and the other in Burlington.


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