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How's "March," for a title? Not too pretentious.


Hmm, hope this type is big enough. Anyway, my name is Ron, and I'll be your host on this lil' blog till one of us gets too bored to look at it.

Had thought of doing this long, drawn out, hilarious story bout how i got into farming, a la "farm story".  But unfortunately, I don't do funny. So, it'll just have to be mmm,....observational stuff. No, no, not that Jerry Seinfeld kinda stuff, just, oh..."Hey, look! It's snowing." kinda stuff.

Anyways,....I digress. I remember reading somewheres, how when it does snow, there's just a little bit of Nitrogen  in it,  and when it floats on down to the soil, it's like FREE fertilizer. And boy, do I like free. Ol' Mother Nature dumped tons of that free stuff on us a couple of days ago. However, I do hate that I don't have anything in the ground to take avantage of it. Too bad it don't snow in July.  

The DOT dumped a couple of loads of ground up "road stuff" two years ago. Was using a lot of it last year. Well, trying to anyway. Couldn't believe the number of copperheads that kept rolling out with each shovelful. Tried to get my brother to scoop up a bucketful with the bobcat, but after I told him about all them snakes goin' ever which a way. He wouldn't do it. 'Fraid he'd get a lap full of 'em. Hope its rotted down enough this year that there ain't as many. Better yet, none at all.

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