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Kinda nippy, huh?

 major breezy yesterday.Lots to do. Difficult to lay  frost blankets out in the fields on one's own, but managed it  and thought I was done by dark. So.there  I am, sitting in my favorite sofa with my feet up, watching the local weather forecast and they mention how farmers are dreading the next couple of hours and how the blueberry crop might get affected and WHAT???!!!.....

MY BLUEBERRIES!!!   I'd forgotten all about them. AARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH.............But what can I do? No more stuff to cover them with, and I'm not set up for throwing water at 'em.

gotta hope for the best. So, I'm  out and about at 2AM this morning, checking on things. Temp gauge was showing 40F.  It was a full moon and dead calm.  The smoke coming out of the chimmey was floating straight up. No breeze. Eerily quiet, bugs sounding off or dogs chasing anything.

I think I got lucky this time. But the month of April can still hold a few surprises. Tonight's supposed to be even colder....we'll see.

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