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weaving project at Weston Hill Farm


Weaving spinning knitting felting and Keeping Busy during Winter at Weston HIll Farm

It is January and I am staying as busy as possible ! January and Febuary are the months that I get the most done when it comes to Fiber work. The weather this year has been exceptionally warm for the most part, but winter is a time where often times , you find yourself stuck inside the home . This affords me the time to really get going on creating products for resale . I have no studio, no gallery , but I am always suprised how much I can get done working off my loom and work area located in the middle of my family/living room. I have often thought what it would be like if I had a studio, but after all these years I have decided I  get my best work done when I am amongst family , friends and the all the commotion that comes with living a one room open area that I call home .This season I have been felting ornaments and sculptures since late October and most recently started up weaving again. I am weaving up shawls and scarves and table runners using Our Own Wool yarns .They are coming out beautifully.I am wasing and drying fleeces to ready them for dyeing as soon as the weather breaks ..(I dye over a fire outside )  I am also , of course, making my felted ornaments and sculptures for upcoming shows , but, mostly for the NYS sheep and Wool Festival  that is held each year on the 3rd weekend in October. I work on items all year to be able to fill up (and keep full)our two booths there , for the two days of this wonderful festival! I seem to bounce between projects and usually spend a few hours each day weaving, then felting, (either wet or dry )and then I'll spin or felt or knit spin in the evening for a few hours . In between I am either feeding animals or my husband, (son if he's home )  or cleaning up the house (never ending)  or helping hubby by running errands or doing the many tasks / jobs associated with the kennel or our little farmstead that needs to be done . We work together every day, so you can imagine you have to like and respect each other for that to work. I hope you all are keeping busy too, and before we know it , spring will be here and the grass will greening up and we can look forward to getting outside more and getting our hands into the dirt to plant !



Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to all!

Well , it is beginning to feel alot like Christmas here on our little homestead. I wish you all wonderful greetings this Holiday sesaon! My decorations were all up on time this year..and we've had several get togethers with friends and family this past month. Its been a flurry of activity , but alot of fun!

My Son, Weston is home for a few weeks and both Chris and I are enjoying his company and his great since of humor! It will seem like he is home only a few weeks and he'll be back to school to finish up his last semester at Colgate . He'll be graduating this year, but he's hoping to continue on to grad school next fall. He is planning on continuing in plant biology .

 We have been very lucky this year as far as the weather goes. It has been a fair weather fall and winter at least December has been quite nice as well. This weather is welcome as I was a bit behind on getting my gardens ready for winter and getting the areas around the house and barn all tidied up. The weather also cooperated when it came to us getting the house and the kennel and barn decorated for the holiday season. We are pretty reserved when we decorate ..some white lights little candles in each window and a few boughs and of course a wreath or four. Its something about pine boughs & greenery , that makes the little place look so festive .

Some new additions to the farm are Ginger and Jazzman, our two new elder statesman and woman donkeys . They are great folks and we are thrilled to have these two enjoy their retirement years with us .

Happy New Year from us ,

Chris , Eileen and Weston and all the animals  !    


Wow what a weekend! Rhinebeck 2011

From Weston Hill....

A big Thank You to all our clients and friends who stopped by to say "'hello" and all those who supported us . We appreciate you all so much!  We have to also say  , "A Big Thank You",   to our family members who came from far afield to come and help us ...it means more than you know ! We have a great family which also includes good friends who help us in this endeavor  that comes about every October, and we are so truly grateful! Finally, we want to thank all of the Volunteer force that makes the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival the awesome event that it is. I dont think most folks realize what is all involved in a production like this . They do it well . We Thank You all very much. > We came home and of course , I came down with a cold so I am a bit under the weather. I am happily sipping a cup of tea, as my throat is sore. I am watching , through my window ,at two of my ewes flirting with our ram .I smile and think about what cute lambs I should have next spring!  I  am about to pick up some roving to start the process of creating wool sculptures , for next year ,and so..its starts all over again.  

Eileen ,Chris  and Weston Testo

 Weston Hill Farm


End of summer at Weston Hill Farm

End of Summer

The end of summer is in the air. The nights are getting cool and the mornings here are down right nippy. The pressure is on to get all my fleeces washed and dyed and I am feverishly trying to be ready to go to Rhinebeck this October. Getting Ready for Rhinebeck , the New York State Sheep and Wool festival, really begins about a month after the last show , but now its crunch time and my dye pots are seldom cool.

I did harvest and dry a gorgeous garlic crop as well as a large amount of herbs and our last honey harvest will be this week. Its been a wonderful summer ..our freezer is full of baked goods and dehydrated vegetabes and I even managed to try my hand at some old fashioned half sour crock pickles this year. They turned out terrific . Our hens are producing wonderful eggs . They love running after and catching bugs in the late summer grass and I love watching them.


Weston Hill Farm

Our hens are busy laying  wonderful large brown eggs . I am quite fond of the White Rocks I purchased this spring , they are quite docile hens and are so pretty to look at.

This is a fantastic year for honey production ...our bees are busy! A busy bee is a happy bee!

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