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Wow what a weekend! Rhinebeck 2011

From Weston Hill....

A big Thank You to all our clients and friends who stopped by to say "'hello" and all those who supported us . We appreciate you all so much!  We have to also say  , "A Big Thank You",   to our family members who came from far afield to come and help us ...it means more than you know ! We have a great family which also includes good friends who help us in this endeavor  that comes about every October, and we are so truly grateful! Finally, we want to thank all of the Volunteer force that makes the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival the awesome event that it is. I dont think most folks realize what is all involved in a production like this . They do it well . We Thank You all very much. > We came home and of course , I came down with a cold so I am a bit under the weather. I am happily sipping a cup of tea, as my throat is sore. I am watching , through my window ,at two of my ewes flirting with our ram .I smile and think about what cute lambs I should have next spring!  I  am about to pick up some roving to start the process of creating wool sculptures , for next year ,and so..its starts all over again.  

Eileen ,Chris  and Weston Testo

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