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Things I'm thankful for...

I am primarily thankful that I live in a place where I have the space and resources to do the things I enjoy and that bring me and my family entertainment, food and peace.

I’m thankful, or rather relieved, that our garden growing and market season is over and that it all went well and I can turn my attention to other things for a while. I have my canning and freezing done and the garlic and cover crops are planted. I only need a couple snow-free and warmer days to get the leaves raked to put on for some extra mulch. I’ve been able to spend time knitting and spinning in between my kids’ ice hockey games and practices and trying to catch up on cleaning up the house.

On the livestock front, the breeding turkeys and egg hens are situated in the barn for the winter and the eating turkeys go off to turn into turkey dinners on Monday.  I'm extra thankful I won't be feeding all those turkeys much longer!

Breeding season is still in progress for my sheep, and they seem to be getting along reasonable well with our newest pet – a young Quarter horse mare. Thankfully, our female rescue llama, Blaze, who came to us this summer, has remembered her lead training and still lets me handle her although she’s not as friendly and loving as our gelding, Checkers, and won’t come in the barn voluntarily because she’s afraid of the horse.

 I’m thankful that our new lambs are doing well. I just added two pretty Icelandic ewe lambs from Connie Schmitt in Michigan to our flock of now 7 Icelandic sheep, 9 Jacobs and two crosses. My mother and I had a safe and enjoyable trip to go get them, and the lambs are tame, loveable and curious. I am hoping my kids will work with these two as a 4H breeding sheep project next year, and they seem to be off to a good start bonding to each other.

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