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The Scoop from the Coop!


 We have Fresh Suckling Piglets ready for your dining pleasure! These are completely and 100% chemical free, pasture raised, born and raised right on our farm from our own CRITICALLY ENDANGERED heirloom breed of stock called the Gloucestershire Old Spot pig. These are listed as one of the top endangered breeds of pig by the American Livestock Breed Conservatory. We think the best way to save a breed like this is to promote their terrific mothering and foraging abilities, their hardiness on open pasture AND their tastiness! Help us save this breed AND help your community at the same time. Read our "Pork with a Conscience" article on our website and see how buying from us will help the communities poor and homeless, save an endangered breed, support a local farmer and CLEAN up the landfills at the same time!!



We've updated and UPGRADED our website- YEAH!!!!!!!! We LOVE it and hope you will too. It's basically all still the same, but it just got a fresh coat of pretty for Spring. It needed it desperately as I was tired of seeing the old one. I'm good with a site for about two years- THAT'S about my absolute MAX, then I want something new and fun. This one is. Plus, it shows off our grass that we use to help raise YOUR food.
We've grown a lot over these last couple years, learned a LOT, cried a LOT and have been ever so thankful each and every day for the privilege of being able to feed our family and YOURS from our land! Bon appetite!


Our pregnant gilt has finally farrowed (our young female pig has given birth for her first time) and we have a small, sweet little litter of 5 piglets. Six were actually born, but one was unfortunately "still born", but this is still a good litter for her, as she was a bit younger than I had intended for this. All in all, though I think things went well as she actually even let me right in there with her as soon as they were born and just a few hours old. We have our original two sows, "Countess" and "Bluebell" who are also pregnant and will be delivering succinctly.

We have ordered the new broiler chick batch (quite a large flock of these) from a hatchery in PA and are eagerly awaiting these birds! This is a new breed for us imported from France called the "Label Rouge". You can find out more about them here- http://www.poultrylabelrouge.com/0121_elevage_fermier.php We await the taste test!

All for now!
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