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Introduction to our Farm - Winter Musings

We'd like to welcome you to our life on our Oregon farm in the northern Willamette Valley! We farm 50 acres, around 35 in hazelnuts, 5 of Italian Prunes, and the rest in rotational pasture for our Icelandic sheep and free range Delaware Chickens- plus a good sized garden and more - 

Winter is still about - looking forward to things drying out a bit and getting ready to re-seed some of the bare patches in the pasture.  Our Icelandic ewes will be lambing in well into spring-time. The garden's rich soil has prompted more than garlic to grow - time to get out and weed around the tender garlic shots. Today the wheelbarrow wheel needs pumping up to hold up to the hard work of mucking out a portion of the sheep shed!

The seedless grapes are still sleeping - most of our young olive trees have made it through the week of 12 degree mornings last December 2009. 

I just pruned the raspberry patch, cut out old branches from last spring - they are looking vigorous and promising. Some of our new blackberries didn't make it - we will be putting in more Marionberries and a few more Loganberries. The hazelnut orchard is being pruned to promote more growth and a better harvest in the coming year.

The Delaware Chickens are going gangbusters laying loads of nice big brown eggs - I fried some up for breakfast, savored their deep orange yolks and rich flavor.

Always something to do - I love the daily routine on the farm and new challenges! 

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