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Sunny thoughts on a Rainy Day - Berries and Eggs

The rain is coming down in torrents and I am thinking of the Loganberry plants I just purchased. They are becoming quite rare since they can't be harvested by machine. I think this variety will be a good fit for our farm tolerating lots of rain and sun. They have a nice tart flavor - great for jams, pies, syrups... I am very interested in preserving heirlooms in the garden. I'll be sharing some Loganberry recipes soon. 

Loganberries are a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry, but with softer seeds. They were the premier berry in the Willamette Valley between 1910-1925.

Even though the rains are here in true Northwest fashion, our Delaware chickens are loving the longer daylight hours and laying mostly extra-large and some large eggs. I did find a monster Jumbo egg yesterday which I will weigh and share a photo, it looks like the largest one any of our chickens have ever laid! If a chicken skips a day of laying, and until they get into the spring rhythm, they lay an occasional jumbo. The Delawares really fine and prolific egg layers. We need to increase and add to our flock, so ordering an incubator is high on the list! Baby chicks are so sweet...

Time to get on the raincoat and feed the flock and get to work! 

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