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Baby Alice is here!

Our long-awaited arrival is here!  Our heifer Molly, who came to us as a bottle calf three years ago, had her first calf Tuesday.  On a whim, I'd walked out to check her one more time before going in the house to get ready for a birthday party.  There was no mistaking the fact that she was in labor.  Terry was home building cabinets for a customer, so I grabbed him and we headed out to observe.  This was the first time I'd watched a live birth (other than some kittens when I was a kid) so it was really fascinating--and nerve-wracking! 

After the baby was born we waited for her to stand up (what a struggle to get those wobbly legs straightened out and working properly!) and start nursing.  With just a little help from Terry, everything went off without a hitch!

We named the baby Alice.  She's a big calf, and already has a very independent spirit.  The electric fence was no match for her -- she simply walked right under it and headed for the lush, tall grass by the creek for a nap.  No amount of calling from Molly would bring her back.  We put Alice back in several times, after which she'd just make a bee-line right back out again.  Molly'd finally had enough and "jumped" (knocked down) the fence to go after her.  Now we've moved them to a different area with a permanent fence, and all seems to be working out.

The first photo shows Molly and Alice around 30 minutes after the birth.  The second photo was taken this morning, at not quite two days old.  In my book, there's nothing cuter than a tiny baby calf!

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