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This past Monday evening we lost power for almost four hours.  We had very heavy winds here, and six tornadoes touched down within 20-30 miles of us.  I was just starting to fix supper when the outage happened, and with an all electric house I didn't get very far.  So, it was peanut butter and jelly for us.  I talked to some friends who were also without power at the same time and they had PB&J as well.  I'll bet there was a lot of peanut butter consumed that evening.

After an hour or so the winds went down a little, the clouds broke up, and it brightened up enough to go outside for awhile.  What a relief to have something to do besides sit around and listen to the battery-powered radio.  We walked around to see if there were any limbs down (the only one was a dead limb that we'd been meaning to get out of our cedar tree for a year or so--thanks, storm!) and stopped to visit the horses.  It was pretty chilly so we headed back inside for more junk food and a few games of Yahtzee. 

What a relief when the power came on just before 9:00.  It got me to thinking about our house's younger years when there was no electricity.  Even with all our candles burning it seemed so DARK in the house.  I suppose oil lamps were brighter than candles, but I imagine the evenings got pretty long and cold in the winter.  I used to think I'd like to live in pioneer times, but Monday night made me rethink that opinion.  Life was simpler, but I love my electricity too much! 

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Glad you were all safe and sound....and glad you got your electricity back! Have a good rest of your evening!

Posted by debbie from debbie's garden on March 25, 2009 at 09:08 PM CDT #

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