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Mid-July already?  What??  I can't seem to believe it's this time of year already, although the signs are all there.  The cicadas are singing, we ate our first BLTs yesterday with our homegrown tomatos, the corn is all tassled and the pumpkins are blooming and starting to fruit.

Here are some photos of mid-summer on the farm.  65 days until the opening of our eighth-annual Pumpkin Festival!


First Gourd Harvest of the Season!  This one grew as a volunteer on our burn pile.

Our first effort at broom corn looks like it will be a success! 

Dave and Buster moved in with Gabby and they're getting along well.




Vines are starting to cover the gourd tunnel.  That's a 'Silver Edge' pumpkin (a new variety for us) growing in front.

New planter around the sign at the end of our driveway





Have a great summer!  Hope to see you soon on the farm!

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