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The Story of Sully

Sully is the second horse we adopted from the horse rescue in June of '07.  He was not quite two years old at the time.  We chose him because of his sweet disposition -- he came right up to us in the corral, and after getting his nose scratched swung around to ask for a butt scratchin'.  He'd been born at the rescue and was very tame and gentle.  We were told he was part Quarter Horse and part Arabian, which would indicate he would be a smaller horse.  Those factors helped us decide he might be a good horse for me to ride, so we took him home.

He is still sweet and friendly, and his promise of small size held true...maybe a little too much.  Now full-grown at age 3 1/2 he is barely bigger than when we got him.  We've been told that instead of an Arabian mix he's probably part Welsh Pony.  That would make him an ideal size for someone of my stature, but he's become Terry's horse instead...

Sully wasn't broke to ride, and for the first several months we had him he was a very happy-go-lucky, pokey, "ho-hum" kind of guy.  That all changed the first time Terry rode him.  Something came alive inside him, and he bucked Terry off.  We recovered (Terry's shoulder is still recovering 15 months later) and continued working with him for awhile.  But, it became evident he was too much for amateurs like us to train (it's much harder than they make it look on RFD-TV!).  So, after a rest over the winter we took him to Kelly at MidStates Ranch Horses for professional training.

Even Kelly found Sully to be a challenge, but she persevered and did a great job with him.  He's still very spirited, but Terry enjoys the challenge of riding and working with him.  I, however, am a big chicken.  I've been riding Abbie, a tall Paint mare, while Terry rides tiny little Sully.  I'm sure we make a funny picture, but it works for us!


To find a horse rescue organization in your area, click here.


Saddled and ready to go last summer


Wearing his teddy bear winter coat 





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