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Ten Weeks!

Its hard to believe that we open for our fall season ten weeks from this Saturday.  With the way the weeks have been flying by, that is a little scary but VERY motivating for us!

We've been working hard tending to the pumpkins.  There has been a LOT of weeding to do, plus fertilizing and bug control.  We've been fortunate enough to have pretty regular rains, and the plants are doing well.  There are a few blooms and baby fruits starting to appear -- an exciting sight for pumpkin farmers!

Progress is being made in the schoolhouse.  We installed a screen door on the walk-in door, a door closer on the restroom door (both health dept. requirements) and are mostly done with the wiring in the kitchen.  Most of the other materials have been purchased and are waiting to be installed.  It won't be long until the drywall goes up and the place will really start to look like something.  I love decorating, and even though this is just a concession kitchen it can still be cute, right?  We picked out a red and yellow-checkered linoleum tile floor and I'm trying to decide on cabinet and wall paint colors.

I've been ordering merchandise for the gift shop and am getting anxious to begin the set up.  Organizing and creating displays is one of my favorite tasks, but I'm trying to wait until August to get started.  I've also been painting signs, adding events to our website, and updating the displays for our booth at the county fair in early August.  So much to do, and so little time! 


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