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In the past five days, our farm family has grown by as many members. On Thursday evening our heifer Alice had her first calf, a little bull.  Alice had some trouble "letting down" her milk -- although her udder was full, the little guy wasn't getting anything, no matter how hard he tried.  After a few bottle feedings for Junior and a drive to the vet's office for a shot for Alice, we're back in business.  We let the pair of them out into the big pen this afternoon and he was running around, kicking up his heels in the sunshine.


On Friday I drove to Elmwood-Murdock elementary school where my niece Grace is in preschool.  Their class had incubated some eggs and the chicks hatched on Monday.  By Friday they were ready to go to their "adopted" homes.  We got four chicks, all different types.  As of today they're one week old.  It's funny to watch them scratching and pecking in their bedding looking for lunch, and pecking at dirt specks on the walls of their tub in case they might be bugs.

Besides our furry and feathery new additions, we have some other exciting young'uns on the farm.  We planted our first pumpkins last week, and the seedlings have emerged.  These are just the first of many thousands we'll plant this year!



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