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Some of you who visited last fall will remember Frannie, our tortoise-shell cat who was just a kitten at the time.  She made some good friends during the pumpkin season, so I wanted to share some current photos and tell a little about how Frannie came to be part of our family.

Just before bedtime on the Friday before Labor Day, I heard loud, urgent meowing outside the front door.  I knew it wasn't one of our two adult cats, and when I went outside I was absolutely shocked to see it was a tiny kitten making all that noise.  If you've been here before, you know that we have a long driveway and no close neighbors -- how did this little thing find her way here?  I picked her up and she immediately began purring so hard she was vibrating.  She never stopped meowing, the loudest I've ever heard from a kitten.  Terry and I looked at each other and said, "This is the kind of thing that doesn't go away.  We have a new cat."  Other strays have visited over the years, but no one so tiny and helpless.  This kitten needed us, and we were just the suckers to help her.

After feeding her (have you ever heard a kitten try to meow at full volume while eating or drinking milk?) we took her to the shed outside for the night.  We needed sleep, and it wouldn't happen with her in the house!  In the morning she was just as loud and needy, but as the day wore on and we went about our tasks, she found a pile of hardwood flooring in the garage, climbed to the top and seemed to settle in.  This would continue to be her "safe place" for the next few weeks while she became more brave and comfortable in her new home. 

It only took a couple of days before we were completely in love with Frannie.  Its still a mystery where she came from.  Thankfully, the meowing stopped and she has become a really sweet girl.  If you visited during pumpkin season you may have seen her lounging in the middle of a display table in the gift shop, or darting through the sumac bushes just out of the reach of little fingers.  She has now become good friends with our adult cats, especially Willy who is happy to have a new sparring partner.  She is fearless, completely spoiled, and a big part of the family.  Sometimes you just don't know you're missing something until it shows up meowing at your door!



A New Season

We woke up to a very pretty coating of snow this morning.  It was just the right amount to cover the grass, the rooftops, and settle onto the branches of the trees.  It is certainly "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" here, and the weatherman is predicting another 6-10 inches tomorrow night!

Even before the snowfall I was already feeling the Christmas spirit.  The weekend after Thanksgiving I took advantage of the above-average temperatures and got my outdoor decorating done.  The last of the pumpkins were given to the cows to eat, and then the greenery came out.  Our cats have been VERY helpful in this year's decorating process, as they often are.  Our kitten, Frannie, is discovering her climbing abilities and was on top of our arbor nearly the entire time I was hanging the garland and wreath...




 I took the indoor decorating slowly, and finally finished up this past Friday.  Keeping with the helpful cat theme, here's Willy doing his part to help out...


Here's hoping you all are enjoying the season and staying safe and warm.  Happy Holidays!

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