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Really rollin' now!

Summer projects are in full swing, and we had a busy and productive three-day weekend.  I'm happy to report that the barn painting project is now done!  The north and east sides of the Pumpkin Barn & Gift Shop, and the west wall of the animal barn, are now sporting fresh red paint.  The other sides of these buildings have red tin siding so (fortunately) don't ever have to be painted.  Terry is a great painter, but I always seem to make a big mess of myself.

Also completed is the gourd garden project.  The final touches went onto the raised planter bed/bench.  The tunnel and wall panels have been finished for a few weeks and the gourds are growing quickly.  Soon they'll start their climb over the tunnel and walls and our vision of a living walled garden will become a reality.  We're really excited about this project!

Sunday was spent mowing, weed-whacking, taking care of a couple horse-related tasks, and weeding and spraying bugs in the pumpkin patches.  We even found time this weekend for church services and a wedding!  We don't do much relaxing this time of year, but enjoy staying active and putting our hearts into what we do.  We're continually working on improving virtually every corner of the farm and hope these many small touches will add up to an ideal fall experience for our customers!  Sixty Days 'Til Pumpkin Festival 2010! 


Time to get busy again...

Our family took its first "grown up" family vacation last week.  We went to the Manitou Springs, Colorado area with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece.  My mom turned 60 in April and this was her belated birthday trip.  It was lots of fun and we enjoyed some quality bonding time.  Here is a photo taken at Eleven Mile Canyon State Park near Lake George, CO.  Terry and I are on the right, in the red and orange.


Now its time to get back to work preparing for our sixth-annual Pumpkin Festival.  Our first order of business will be building a big trellis/tunnel for the Kids' Gourd Garden and planting the gourds.  We've been having nice rains these past couple weeks, and the pumpkins (& unfortunately the weeds, too) are responding well.  There is always some weed or bug control to see to, and every year we have lofty goals to keep on top of it better than the last season.  Will that happen?...?  We'll keep you posted! 

It is never too early to plan your fall party or get-together.  We also do summer field trips and campfire parties -- please let us know if there is anything we can help with.  Hope to see you soon at the farm! 


Spring Progress on the Farm! (Sidewalk Project)

So far, our spring is off to a pretty productive start!  After a couple weekends of vigorous yard cleanup (I still don't fully understand how ALL that driveway rock made it into the yard during snow removal!) we started on our first "pumpkin patch project" of the year.

Until now, we've only had a crushed rock path leading to the Schoolhouse Café.  This was working okay but we wanted a better surface for strollers, wheelchairs, and little feet.  The cement truck arrived yesterday morning, and within 2 1/2 hours the sidewalk was all finished and drying in the sunshine.  We want to thank Terry's dad, Richard, who helped with the labor-intensive project.




One project down, dozens and dozens to go! 


On a different note, we hope to see you for our Spring Open House on April 24 & 25.  We'll be open 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday and noon-4 p.m. Sunday.  Don't miss this chance to visit the farm in the Springtime!  Walk the nature trail, visit the animals, and challenge your family members to a game of ladder golf or bean bag toss.  Chow down on a fresh-grilled picnic lunch in the Schoolhouse Café, made from Nebraska food products.  Admission is FREE (food not included).


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Getting Itchy (Schoolhouse Renovations)

Yesterday the temps rose into the lower 70s, and when I went outside in the morning I noticed the first little green sprouts peeking out in the flower bed on the south side of the house.  That was all it took for me -- I had Spring Fever, big time.

I was itchin' to get out there and accomplish SOMETHING, ANYTHING toward our goals for the season.  It was too muddy to do much, but I headed out to the schoolhouse with my tape measure, graph paper and camera.  One of our projects for the year will be to turn this...

 ...into a kitchen for concessions.  Making it especially difficult is the fact that this little 7.5 ft. x 10.5 ft. room has two doors, one window, and will need a pass-through service opening.  I think I've finally got it figured out, and the contractor/hubby didn't have any complaints about my drawings when I showed him last night.

In case you haven't been to the farm yet or haven't visited in the past year, here are a couple more photos of the schoolhouse.  It was our old neighborhood school, and my mom, who grew up here on the farm, went to school in this building.  It was moved a couple times and ended up at our county fairgrounds.  We had it moved to the farm last spring and spent the summer renovating & restoring everything (except for the room above, which was originally the entryway and stairwell.)





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