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Yee-Haw!  We're finally going to get back to normal temperatures this week, in the low to mid-30s!  Before the melting starts I wanted to share some photos following our third major snowstorm of the winter.  We were finally able to get out on Saturday afternoon, and just going to the mini-mart in our small town was a treat!  

Our "Knight in John Deere Armor", my Dad, who rescued us with his tractor and loader.  Thanks, Dad!


Nebraska, or Alaska??

We had a really unusal Christmas here on the farm.  It was white, and beautiful, and peaceful...  But we were all alone.  Snowed in from Christmas Eve (when we did manage to get one family Christmas in before the roads drifted too bad) until Monday the 28th, when we finally got the driveway cleared.  Our little tractor wasn't big enough, and we had to wait until the snowplow came through the road and my dad could dig their driveway out and bring his bigger tractor over. 

It reminded me of what Christmas must have been like in the "old days", and it was actually kind of nice for the first couple of days.  I did lots of cooking (luckily we had plenty of advance warning and bought lots of groceries) and we had a romantic Christmas dinner at the dining room table, looking out through the windows drifted in the corners with snow.  The power stayed on, which was a real blessing.  Staying warm was the first concern, of course, but it would have been a LONG weekend without television!  There was our departure from the "old fashioned" Christmas!

We are having a very strange winter, more like Alaska than Nebraska.  It has been a strange weather year overall.  The summer was cooler than normal, which was great.  We had our first snow in October, which was NOT great.  And now we've had two big snowstorms and snowfall every few days.  I'm undecided how I feel about this, but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and pretend we've moved north somewhere.  I wonder if there are any pumpkin patches in Alaska??



Snow Ponies

Our snowstorm last week brought around 12-14 inches of snow, followed by bitter cold temperatures and single-digit highs.  While the cows, cats, dog and humans around here have been staying inside being lazy, the horses are having a ball.

Here are some photos I took during the heaviest part of the snowstorm:

 Sachi (left) and Sully


Sully, just after having a good roll in the snow.

The whole gang out for a run


A New Season

We woke up to a very pretty coating of snow this morning.  It was just the right amount to cover the grass, the rooftops, and settle onto the branches of the trees.  It is certainly "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" here, and the weatherman is predicting another 6-10 inches tomorrow night!

Even before the snowfall I was already feeling the Christmas spirit.  The weekend after Thanksgiving I took advantage of the above-average temperatures and got my outdoor decorating done.  The last of the pumpkins were given to the cows to eat, and then the greenery came out.  Our cats have been VERY helpful in this year's decorating process, as they often are.  Our kitten, Frannie, is discovering her climbing abilities and was on top of our arbor nearly the entire time I was hanging the garland and wreath...




 I took the indoor decorating slowly, and finally finished up this past Friday.  Keeping with the helpful cat theme, here's Willy doing his part to help out...


Here's hoping you all are enjoying the season and staying safe and warm.  Happy Holidays!


Stayin' Cozy

I just stepped outside the back door and took this photo across the field.  It is snowing big, pretty flakes, and they're blowing around in a sort of mini-blizzard.   I'm looking forward to a cozy evening in the house eating comfort food.  Stay warm!


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