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Party on the Farm

I wanted to share a few more photos of springtime on the farm.  This is such a colorful time of year--the sky is SO blue, the pastures are so lush and green, the flowers are blooming and there are birds of every color, from bluebirds to orioles.  Did you know that we offer springtime and summertime campfire parties and field trips?  Imagine sitting under the stars on a warm summer evening, around the fire ring with your friends, family, sports team or other organization.  The frogs around the creek and pond will serenade you, and later in the summer they'll be joined by the cicadas singing.  All campfire parties include a hay ride.  The kids may even get to help us gather the evening eggs.  And, you don't have to do ANY of the work--we can provide the food and decorations if you'd like!  Click here to see pricing details and instructions for making a reservation:   

Hope to see you soon on the farm!

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The farm pond with a pair of geese





Spring Chickens (& Calves & Pumpkins)

This is a great time of year at Bloom Where You're Planted Farm.  Rain has been plentiful, the grass and trees look lush and healthy, and the iris and peonies are starting to bloom.  In the next week or so we'll start planting some of our longer-season pumpkins and gourds.  The full planting assault will happen around Memorial Day, hopefully finishing up the first couple days of June.  I can't wait to get out in the dirt!  Its so exciting to think about all the pumpkins we'll harvest, plus its great exercise!

On April 29 we brought home five hens, a cross between Rhode Island Reds and New Hampshires (so they're very East Coast but seem to be enjoying the Midwest!)  April 30 & May 1 was our second-annual Spring Open House.  It was good seeing the familiar faces of some of our loyal customers and friends, and exciting to meet some first-time guests, too.  The following weekend we held a "Barn Sale" -- basically a big yard sale heavy on the antiques and primitives.  We made room for all the "new" antiques, primitives and gift shop merchandise we'll be bringing in for this fall.

The most fun thing this spring has been the arrival of two baby calves.  Fern delivered her first calf on May 1, a bull calf we named Mayday.  Ten days later, Molly's calf Rosy arrived.  I surprised myself (and really surprised Terry, when I told him the story later) by jumping in to help pull her when I realized she was coming out rump-first and upside down.  Molly may have been fine without me, but ideally they should come out head/front feet first, and I got scared.  Both calves are perfect and they're SO darn cute! 




Well, I'd better get outside to enjoy this great weather and get something accomplished.  Have a great spring, and we hope to see you soon at the farm!



Sounds like Spring!

Well, the last time I posted we were expecting a snowstorm, and today the mercury should reach 70.  Signs of spring have really come on strong in the last week or so -- trees are budding, tufts of grass are greening up, the animals are shedding their winter coats, and the air is filled with the sounds of robins, red-winged blackbirds, and Killdeer.  If you don't know about Killdeer, they're described as "an upland shorebird that doesn't live at the shore" and there are a few pairs that return every summer to the soggy pasture area east of our big pumpkin patches.  They have a really distinctive call and it always sets them off when we work out there.  Besides for the sounds of frogs and red-winged blackbirds, the Killdeer call is one of the predominant sounds of summer for us.  I took a walk out there yesterday and they were back in full force.  It got me excited to start planting, but we won't start that for another couple of months yet.

We're planning our Spring Open House for Apr. 30, in conjunction with the "Get Lost in the Valley" tour of attractions in the Scenic Weeping Water Valley.  This will be a one or two day event (TBA) with free access to the farm.  You can visit the animals, play yard games, and we'll be selling lunch in the Schoolhouse Cafe.  Watch for more details in this blog or on our Facebook page.  The Scenic Weeping Water Valley Association also has a Facebook page and website,

Enjoy the signs of spring!  Hope to see you soon at the farm!





Perfect Days

Our weather lately has been amazing!  Plenty of sunshine, low humidity, temps in the mid-60s, and best of wind!!!  That's a rarity here in Nebraska!  I looooove Springtime!

We've been taking advantage of the conditions and getting lots of work done.  Over the weekend we edged flower beds, mulched, weeded, and worked with the horses.  We've also prepared the ground and seeded grass in the many areas that were either disturbed when we trenched in water lines last fall, or destroyed by the tractor during snow removal.  I'm most excited about the area in front of the Schoolhouse Cafe.  We planted new grass right up to the new sidewalk -- if it takes, it will look great and be a huge improvement over the dust and weeds we had before (after all, that area was a cow lot just a few years ago!)

Much of our time this week has been spent getting ready for our Spring Open House on Apr. 24 & 25.  The Schoolhouse Cafe is all cleaned and rearranged.  I set up a small gift shop area in there yesterday--it will be much smaller than our fall gift shop, but we'll have some fun, spring-y foods and decor for sale.  Mowing and food shopping are all that remain on that to-do list.  We're praying for good weather and looking forward to our first springtime event in four years.

Here's a photo I took last week of a beautiful Nebraska sunset.  Hope to see you soon at the farm!






Spring Progress on the Farm! (Sidewalk Project)

So far, our spring is off to a pretty productive start!  After a couple weekends of vigorous yard cleanup (I still don't fully understand how ALL that driveway rock made it into the yard during snow removal!) we started on our first "pumpkin patch project" of the year.

Until now, we've only had a crushed rock path leading to the Schoolhouse Café.  This was working okay but we wanted a better surface for strollers, wheelchairs, and little feet.  The cement truck arrived yesterday morning, and within 2 1/2 hours the sidewalk was all finished and drying in the sunshine.  We want to thank Terry's dad, Richard, who helped with the labor-intensive project.




One project down, dozens and dozens to go! 


On a different note, we hope to see you for our Spring Open House on April 24 & 25.  We'll be open 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday and noon-4 p.m. Sunday.  Don't miss this chance to visit the farm in the Springtime!  Walk the nature trail, visit the animals, and challenge your family members to a game of ladder golf or bean bag toss.  Chow down on a fresh-grilled picnic lunch in the Schoolhouse Café, made from Nebraska food products.  Admission is FREE (food not included).


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Like father, like daughter

I'm so sorry I haven't written a new post in so long.  Terry, Rocket and I just got back from a great trip to our favorite place, the Rocky Mountains.  We stayed in Amarillo, TX; Taos, NM; and Estes Park, CO.  It was a great trip, and I'll try to write more about it soon.

For now I wanted to share with you this photo of Sully and Dash.  Like father, like daughter!

 Dash is getting so big that it is hard to tell she and her dad apart when they're a distance away and we can't see her white forehead spot.

We got the horses' new fence done before we left, and this weekend Terry got the pumpkin patches all tilled up.  We're refreshed and revitalized and ready to tackle our to-do list.  It will be pumpkin plantin' time in about three weeks!


Back to work!

Today is the first day this spring that we've spent the entire day working outside.  The weather was beautiful and the threat of not-so-nice days for the rest of the week got us motivated to get out there and get going. 

The first thing Terry did was cut down what was left of an old maple tree.  It was huge but so hollow that it wasn't too hard to cut up and haul away.  Getting rid of that eyesore was a great way to start the day!

After lunch we worked on tearing out a section of fence along the horse pasture that was badly in need of being replaced.  We plan to replace a large portion of it with smooth wooden fencing like we have in other places around the farm.  The new fence will be more attractive and provide a nicer area for our customers to visit with the horses.  Plus, it will be safer for both horses and people than the old barbed wire.

Despite wearing sunblock I can feel a little sunburn/windburn on my cheeks.  Ahhhhhhhhh.... Spring! 


Seein' the Signs

I can hardly believe Friday is the first day of spring already!  The signs are all around -- the grass on the roadsides, in the pasture, and even in our yard is getting greener every day.



This fat (and somewhat angry looking?) fellow is a sure sign of spring, too.


But why is it, that the first plants to really get going in the spring are always the WEEDS???



Love those Freebies!

I call these unseasonably warm days we've been having "Freebies".  It's winter, it's supposed to be cold....but suddenly, for one or two glorious days, we get a glimpse of spring.  Its warm enough to go for a walk outside without a coat.  We can sit on the porch in the sun, enjoying the heat without humidity, bugs, or worry of a sunburn.  And the best part is, since its only for a few days, there's no time to get any real work done outdoors--so we can just relax!  If we do decide to work on a project its a pleasure, and we find ourselves saying over and over, "Wow, this weather is great!" or "Can't believe how nice it is out here!"

We had a Freebie yesterday, and are looking for more today and tomorrow.  Then I'm sure we'll be back to winter for awhile, but it never seems as bad after that.  There is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel!




We're THINKING SPRING & SQUASH at Bloom Where You're Planted Farm!

The snow is coming down and there's no doubt it's winter outside.  Thankfully I'm inside today and thinking SPRING.  I got out my seed catalogs, last year's leftover seeds, and the list of what we bought in 2008 and sat down to place this season's pumpkin, squash and gourd order.  

There are always the old stand-bys that we order every year.  They're great performers and customer favorites.  That makes up the bulk of my order, but I always like to try a few new varieties each year.  Last summer I ordered the beautiful book "The Compleat Squash" by Amy Goldman.  It is a gorgeous coffee table-style book full of photographs of squashes, pumpkins and gourds.  I found one adorable squash in the book that I ordered online today from an heirloom seed company.  While on that website I found two other interesting squash which I also decided to add.  These, plus a couple of gourd types that we've always wanted to try will round out our new inventory for 2009.

As long as we still get excited when the new seed catalogs arrive, we'll know we're in the right business.  Four months 'til planting time -- yippee!

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