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Cold and Wet

Yesterday it was my birthday, hung one more year on the line.  We planted willows and hazelnuts Thank you my wonderful work friends for your generous gift certificate to Oak Valley!  Today I planted lots of herbs and flowers in the greenhouse and more chives and walla walla onions!  I also took the pruning cuttings from the willows and stuck them into the ground to see if they would grow.  So we might have about 8 willow trees!   It is cold and there is a promise of rain.  First from the southwest and now from the north!  Could be the perfect storm! This would be great as it has been way too dry.    I am into experimenting this year and planted some of the broccoli starts out in the garden to see what they’ll do this early.  I also planted poppies outside, it will be beautiful in a few weeks if they go!  We have daffodils and robins so anything goes!   


By the time I was done it was freezing cold and I didn’t have to ask Jeff to build a fire.  I came in the house and started reading seed catalogues for things I have yet to purchase, (potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins).  Territorial Seed is great and has a really comprehensive catalogue, but Peaceful Valley is just as organic and cheaper.  I went with Peaceful Valley.  They just seem a little bit more real and a little less yuppie.  44 dollars for what I wanted to order as opposed to 150 dollars at Territorial.  But without the two of them, I would be hard pressed as an organic farmer. 

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