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Death and Vegetables!

I woke up this morning and thought about death, and about how inevitable it is.  I thought about never laughing with my husband Jeff in the morning or talking to the dogs and cats, having that first cup of coffee, or brushing my teeth or washing my face again. I thought about our children and their unique personalities and humor and the love that surrounds our family like a force field.  I think I am fortunate to have so much in my life.  I’m sure our spirits will all go into another place when we die, but I am very happy in this place!

This scared me, so I started to cook!  Hey, when in doubt, live.  And when in life, eat!  I think that is behind this compulsion of mine to grow things.  What is more connected to life than food!  Maybe wine!  When you cook there is concentration, abandon, artistry, industry, creativity and in the end you get to eat it and it becomes a part of who you are!  How many other things in your life can you eat! 

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