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“We wake up in the morning - old hat, think nothing of it.  We might even grumble at the early hour, or the cold floor, or the rain.  But what a miracle that we have another day at hand!  We have another opportunity filled experience to embrace.  Where is our gratitude?  Start the day with gratitude, and feel that gratitude lift us above any seemingly annoying little non-issues to appreciate all that we have, and all that we are.”


  -Lissa Coffey



I have been practicing a couple of disciplines this new year, so far…..   I am not really great at discipline, as anyone who knows me knows!  Each morning I get up and the first thing I am trying to put in my mind is gratitude!  No negativity or worry.  Just what makes me happy to get up this morning?  What about today makes me grateful, gives me strength and makes today more special than yesterday?  It might be as simple as “It’s not still Monday!”  Or “I get to plant radishes!” Or I’m going to sing those Ipod songs in the car all day while I have to drive!   Or I found these fabulous Dinner plate Dahlias!  Cheap!   What ever it is, it is meant to cherish and enjoy!  Hell, I am the kind of person that can even enjoy dirty fingernails! And I love the smell of manure mixed with dirt!     

Today it was the rain!  How fresh everything smelled!  I could see the rain feeding the roses I planted on Saturday with the  stinky egg shells and coffee grounds I saved, and the buds swelling on the fruit trees in the waxing moon!  Also knowing because of the humidity I don’t have to water the green houses until day after tomorrow gave a welcome break.

And when it comes right down to it, we have soup made from our weekend  meat splurge and biscuits and butter and milk and left over key lime pie!  Life doesn’t get much better than this! 

Tommorrow it is the plants.  They are my real focus this year…..     


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