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How farmers take care of themselves

Jeff has the habit of inventorying our food which drives me CRAZY.  Nobody owns food!  He knows I would give it all away in a hot minute.   But as usual with Jeff, there is a method to his madness.    We put a lot of food by in the late summer and fall and always complain about not having enough room to stuff another thing in the freezer or the pantries.  How great is that?  Even after the CSA season is over, there is always excess.  There are also things I would never give to a subscriber, unless I knew them very well and explained it to them first.  (Corn with worms (don’t use that part), over ripe peas that we didn’t get to in time. (good soup stuff)) We throw nothing away. And we totally use it.  I’d rather eat an organic worm or a starchy pea.    Truth be told we will let a huge zuchinni fly from time to time.  If we throw it, it goes to our neighbors cows who enjoy a delicious treat! And treat us with some thankful moo’s.   We take over the top vegetables to Plowshares, and there still always seems to be an abundance!   


By the end of winter after Christmas and the first property tax payment, when we are feeling very small and poor, Jeff always knows exactly how many bags of corn or peas or cauliflower or broccoli, onions, marinara sauce we have in the freezer.  He does all this in his head!   On the days we have to pay PG&E for our winter “Got to put up Christmas lights” sins.  I come home to a hearty healthy meal from our farm!   These are the days that make me feel grateful for our life! I am perfectly happy to be the day job partner in this farm if I can have a corn soup made with a little broth and rice or barley that warms my body and my soul in front of a good ol’ fire.  If we have some meat to add in it is a plus, and we have herbs to flavor it. But a good loaf of bread is great with it.   We both reville in the taste and the fact that we grew this food!  I can pull out a bag of black berries from early august and make a pie in January and it tastes like August! 


Life is great, and made to share!      

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