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My Kids I love them!

We have had three children graduate college this year.  It has played havoc with the CSA.   Both of our oldest boys graduated as Jurist Doctorates and my Daughter as an Ag Major, and we have a high school student who is well on his way to college.  They all have jobs and life is good.  The past three weeks in the middle of May which is my planting time has been a little nerve wracking on me the planter and organizer.  Lots of friends and parties and kegs of beer and graduations!  Do not get me wrong, I enjoy being a mother and I can party with the best of them.  But as I said before I am a planter and an organizer.  I planned my family.  3 years apart worked for me.  It didn’t work for them.  I like to think one can plan.   They all came to it in their own time and we have one more to go!   But to me it is like opening up a gift every day of the year to be able to talk to and love your kids.  My most fun times were when they were all 3 – 9 years old.  All of our children are way on the other side of that, and they are still totally fun   Each has a gift that is unique and a total surprise.  Each interaction means something.  If I could leave my kids with 10 to do’s in life I think this would be It. 


  1. Say your rosary each morning.  This is something fundamental that I know. 
  2. Laugh every day. The world is full of funny stuff.  Even if it is just your cat or dog, or you.  It’s a lot of fun to laugh. 
  3.  Love somebody alot, Sex is good!  A friend is better.  Know someone who loves you for all your warts and whiskers and loves you just the same. 
  4. Wake up early and enjoy the morning! Take your time getting to work, eat breakfast every day,  but be there on time!
  5. Never turn down a great cup of coffee, ever.
  6.  Shut up a lot, nobody really wants to know what you think. 
  7. Listen, and ask, you learn a lot more that way, if you engage people in what they know.
  8. Pay your bills on time.
  9. Don’t be afraid when the wind blows, sometimes an umbrella turned inside out can become a great pea trellis
  10. Don’t sit around at work if your work is done.  Go home and do something that is constructive to your life.  But work enough hours in the meantime to make your money’s worth. 


I am so proud of our children, they tend to exceed expectations always! 


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