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Taking a year off

I have had an epiphany.  We don’t have to grow food to feed other people! I have a great job. We do the farm because we use it, and we like to share. There is great joy in that!  My next year is dedicated to sharing with who I want to.  No currency involved.  



We do not have to offer ourselves up to the eyes of others.  My feelings are hurt from a bad review of our farm.  I could go on and on defending Greenjeans, but what would that accomplish?  We are who we are.  Killer garlic and basil and tomatoes and peas and melons and potatoes and herbs and just about everything you could ever think of eating.  



What I do know is the hours Jeff and I spend in the garden.  I know the hours Jeff and I spend at harvest.  I know the sweet peach and the fragrant melon and the basil from hell the tomato that is so sweet you just have to go OOOOOOOO.   The greenbeans and peas and dried beans that populate our soups in the winter and the sweet, sweet corn that works really well with cream and bacon and butter and sour cream. 



I’m thinking when you go to real food you go to real life.  I don’t have to share with people who are in cyberspace.  They will be there forever while I am working in my greenhouse.   


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