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The first year......

One thing farmers know how to do like nobody else, is reach out to each other. 

I remember the first year we lived here in Potter, during the fall and winter we made the house livable, we had our first greenhouse (a growhouse sent from heaven which blew away in the storm the next year (another story)) and our first Christmas, and then we borrowed our friends Barbara and Skip’s tractor to plow up the area where the garden was going to go.  This was in March and we just couldn’t wait to get it all ready. 

Well March in Potter Valley is not exactly the best time of the year to decide to plow.  The Tractor got stuck, really stuck in the wet soggy ground.  I remember looking out the window and watching Jeff standing in the field waving his arms up and down out of frustration like he was doing jumping jacks.  I put on my rain boots and we tried the ol’ stick a board under the tire trick.  It didn’t work.  We stood and stared at each other trying to fathom how the heck were going to get that thing out, and how the heck we were going to pay for any damage we may have done to it.  Suddenly, like the cavalry arriving our other neighbors came up the driveway with their tractors and ATV’s and chains!  It seems they’d been watching with just a little amusement the scene at Greenjeans, and decided to help us out of our misery.  At the same time Barbara was driving into our driveway to see how we were doing with the tractor!  The neighbors got it out and Jeff drove it back to Skip and Barb’s.  Everyone got pickles and jam for their efforts and I will never forget the outflow of neighborliness for the newbees. 

I think this year will be much like that year.  Many of us are feeling a pinch, but with each other’s help we will get through it! I hope to be one of the "calvary" neighbors, but you never know...  No matter how hard you have it, you just have to look out your window!    

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