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To peel or not to peel

I don’t know how many people actually read I Village articles, but sometimes I do.  Today I ran across quirky kitchen things we learned from mom.  Lot’s of peeling and throwing salt type things.


Honestly, I think the best things I learned from my mom were substitutions.  She grew up in the depression and was a young wife during the second world war when there were wide spread food shortages.  She taught me how to make sour cream from canned milk, garlic powder and wine vinegar. (I actually prefer that in my stroganov).  Things to do with crème of tartar! How to make a substitute for unsweetened chocolate out of cocoa and make the best black pudding ever. How to make REAL dressing, and great sauces though my recipe and her’s are very different.  The main lesson being It doesn’t matter what you don’t have!     The entire thread of the article even though it was not really brought out, was never waste!  How totally true that is!  There is nothing about a single piece of food that can be considered waste.  Either it feeds you and your family or it feeds your animals or the birds, or your compost pile!  Waste is the plastic that wraps the plastic bags in the macaroni and cheese you are cooking out of that box.   


We never peel a vegetable here at Greenjeans  because there are lots of tasty nutrients in vegetable skins.   We are lucky to have enough to be able to cook things whole like carrots and turnips and potatoes to make wonderful broths for soup skin and all. 


Truth be told I like my veggies whole.  I grow and care for these things to give me their whole flavor.  If you wash any vegetable well, it can come to your table in all it’s glory.  Double truth be told I like to stand out in the field and eat them dirt and all.  I don’t mind a little dirt in my teeth for eating a great green bean or a piece of lettuce .  I am a great grazer.     

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