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working past the slow food thing.

We just want to GROW.  At Greenjeans Farm we grow organically, we are not certified because the paper work is ridiculous and would take up valuable moon and family time, but organic is all I would feed my family. Or any one else that grazed our farm.     It is ridiculous  to think that we have to sell the concept of healthy earth to people.  As opposed to what?  It has to be fast.  Fast food for people who care about what they eat! 


What about the concept of well thought out local food?  You start it in August, November,  January, February, March and its ready to go April through November?  We plant year round here and there is always something ready.  Even though Jeff hates turnips!  I love them.   The winter crops are my faves!  And I’m telling ya, turnip jam is good!         

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